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Who benefits from LegalTonic?

  • Connector.


    Working across all industries, all freelancers have one thing in common. Autonomy brings with it flexibility, as well as, the pressure of being your own safety net. Keeping your legal health strong is a must.

  • Connector.


    Whether you’re a start-up or seeking an advanced round of funding, only the smart survive. Don’t let housekeeping matters get in the way. Let your legal health differentiate you.

  • Connector.


    The center of every community, Main Street businesses today often have a presence online, keeping two storefronts, as opposed to one. Juggling your legal housekeeping in two worlds is turning into an art.

  • Connector.


    Distributors of art and information, your business creates and informs the creative pulse of society. Poor legal health can slow your access pretty fast. Why let that happen?

  • Connector.


    Society relies upon your organization’s good works, in a unique and special way. Keep your legal health strong so you can put your focus where it counts.

  • Connector.


    Are you a newbie? LegalTonic is perfect for you! Build your business from the ground up with optimum legal acumen.


Legal health means …

trained employees protecting your business from missteps
• buy-side obligations in sync with sell-side requirements
• intellectual assets optimized to your competitive advantage
• tight controls on any information that impacts your bottom line
• processes for your  extra responsibilities in a digitized, global world

… led by your smart, legal acumen, as only your business deserves.


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Created by a lawyer who has successfully implemented corporate legal risk programs for Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and not-for-profits.

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Tonics for Individuals

(For Tonics for Enterprises, please see the section below.)

Freelancer Fatigue Tonic bottle


Legal Health Management for Freelancers (IP, confidentiality, BYOD, contracts & foundational basics).

Advert: Are you taking too much career advice from your childhood hamster “Billie?”  Do you hear his encouraging little voice, as you run in circles throughout your day, “Faster, faster! Don’t worry, you’ll get there?”  Meanwhile, your legal health squeaks with every spin of your wheel, as Billie shouts “Just ignore it!  It’ll stop squeaking by sunrise.”  You know in your heart hamsters can be wrong, but you’re too tired to fire Billie as a life coach.   Beat Freelancer Fatigue. Take time out to silence those squeaks and improve your business’s health.

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Legal Health Management for Newbies (incorporation, IP, confidentiality & contracts basics).

Symptoms:  For those exhibiting extreme enthusiasm, giddiness, craniums crunching with new ideas for solving old problems, with a combination of “wanting-to-get-started,” mixed with”not-knowing-where-to-begin.”  Newbie Buzz Tonic is the tonic for you!  In four sessions your high energy will remain, now with heighten focus.  For those who enjoy checking things off a list, this Tonic is for you. (Sorry, Newbie Buzz Tonic does not come in decaf.)

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Newbie Buzz Tonic bottle
Artist Angst Tonic bottle


Legal Health Management for Artists (copyright, confidentiality, contracts & foundational basics).

Artist Angst Anthem

(sung to”Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” organ: Kevin MacLeod

I make art as a living.
See my stuff and say “Wow!”
But how can I trust most contracts?
Work-for-hire? Who’s got my back?
Let me paint, design, code, make music,
without me going insane!
Copyright! Left! Public domain!
It ain’t a game!

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Legal Health Management for Inventors (patents, trade secrets, confidentiality, contracts & foundational basics).

Symptoms: Constant innovation while awake and often in sleep, noodling nonstop in notebooks and/or laptops, may suffer from one-track mindedness.  May or may not occur in your garage.  Generally a life-long infliction that can be soothed by Inventor Itch Tonic.

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Inventor Itch Tonic bottle

A Special Tonic for Everyone!

(For Enterprises and Individuals alike!)

Social Madness Tonic bottle


Social media marketing legal health basics.

Symptoms: Those who suffer from Social Madness often are unaware of their symptoms.  Engaging in social media more than you engage with carbon beings (in the flesh) may be a sign. Liking stuff in public (without solicitation) then walking away, may be another.  The reality is, no matter how deep your Social Madness, there are legal implications involved when you use social media for commercial purposes, as opposed to in your personal capacity.  #protectURself

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Enterprise Tonics 

Contact LegalTonic today for consulting services.

Tonics for Enterprises

(For Tonics for Individuals, please see the section above.)

IP Phobia Tonic Bottle


Fix sluggish intellectual property protection.

Symptoms:  Take if showing signs of trademark filing and/or policing fatigue, domain name and other branding malaise, copyright protection neglect, and/or patent protection latency. Often psychosomatic, these symptoms may occur in pockets of or cover much of your organization like a rash. Doubling dosage is highly encouraged if your organization’s symptoms are extending beyond your own intellectual property and onto the unlicensed, intellectual property of others.

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Avoid contract myopia.

Wiki:  … Also known as “Smoked Mirrors Syndrome,” the Vendor Voodoo malady actually is a self-inflicted condition, although such monikers suggest otherwise.  Signs of this corporate condition include regular utterances of phrases such as “a handshake will do,” or “no worries, I’ll sign it as is.  I trust you,” and the fatal, falling in love with one’s “frenemies.”  More modern entrepreneurial sufferers often exhibit what scientists call “online clickwrap click tick” or “OCCT.”  In the Journal for …

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Vendor Voodoo Tonic bottle
Blabbermouthitis Tonic bottle


Fortify your confidentiality and privacy management.

Attention:  Confidentiality malnutrition and privacy seepage can hit a healthy organization at anytime.  Don’t let loose lips sink your ship.  Don’t let alphabet soup like SOX, HIPAA, PI, NDA and PCI make you lose your appetite.  Stamp out loss of leads and customer lists.  Shut up Blabbermouthitis today!

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Bring-Your-Own-Device Reality

Is this you?  You keep up with the times.  You allow your employees to use their own devices to do their work.  You’re the coolest boss ever!  So why do you panic every time one of your staff leaves?  Because your data is walking out the door on their tablet?  If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.  You may be suffering from BYOD Disorder.

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BYOD Disorder Tonic bottle
Biz Booster Tonic bottle


Legal Health Management Combo

Businesses can take IP Phobia, Vendor Voodoo, Blabbermouthitis and BYOD Disorder Tonics together for a discounted price.

Advert: Are your team and you working around the clock?  Been back-burnering your housekeeping until the right moment, but never can find it?  Try Biz Booster Tonic, the juice cleanse for the entrepreneur.  Detox your system!  Get a clean focus.  Your organization, advisors and customers will thank you for it!  (Please be advised; cartwheeling is contagious.)

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The LegalTonic method is unlike any other legal online experience.


“I created Carditt Gift Wear in 2011 — a new way to wrap a gift and attach a card — especially the gift of wine! In 2014, I began working with a company to greatly expand the distribution of ​Carditts, and needed help. While working with Dauna’s LegalTonic method I was thrilled at how easy she made the process. Dauna is a pleasure to work with!” — Kaki Accola, Carditt, LLC

“As the founder of a global arts organization, the part I like the most about LegalTonic is that I walk away with new approaches that are simple to apply to Project1Voice. And don’t forget economical –which is always important to a leanly staffed, not-for-profit like mine.” — Erich McMillan-McCall, Project1Voice

“Dauna’s LegalTonic approach was a great resource when I was incorporating! I was unsure about doing it myself…. Dauna’s guiding suggestions were easy to follow saving me both time and money. I saved hundreds of dollars in legal fees using LegalTonic.” — Sharmista Das, SR Data LLC

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