Our Core Values

We believe in YOU.

You are smart. You are brave.  Entrepreneurs are the explorers of our day.  Marching to your own drummer, you lead a team of investors, personnel and customers, all, who not only believe in you, but are relying upon your success.  LegalTonic wants to make certain that you have the tools to march intelligently, with confidence in every step.

We believe in economy.

No matter what your size, everyone has limited legal resources.  Everyone fights to keep their legal expenses down.  Fortune 100 companies handle this problem by training their workforce to incorporate legal acumen into their day-to-day activities.  Poor legal health can impact your financial health.  If anyone needs the benefit of strong legal acumen, it is the small enterprise owner and freelancer.  LegalTonic offers you the education you need at a price you can afford.

We believe in the law.

Politics aside, the law creates order and protection for its citizenry. Everyday, governance of humanity grows in complexity in our global, digital world.  This brings with it new challenges, for lawmakers and businesses like yours.  For any successful business owner, keeping pace is a must, not a luxury.

We believe the future is now.

Online “DIY” or “do-it-yourself” is a sign of the times. No matter the ease garnered from using online legal service providers, they still state that they are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney, licensed to supply services in your jurisdiction.  LegalTonic believes the same.

However, these two types of legal resources can properly co-exist.  For example, when you have a toothache, pliers are not an advisable DIY substitute for a dentist.  But daily you DIY brushing and flossing to make your regular trips to the dentist more pleasant.  Let LegalTonic teach you ways to maintain your legal health in between visits with your lawyer.

Our Approach


LegalTonic’s proprietary process offers you a different way of looking at your business. Based upon your needs and strategies, the LegalTonicSM method teaches you how to integrate legal risk management elements into your current workflows and requirements.  Your empowerment is our goal.

You will discover how to:

  • Spot and manage organizational missteps before they fester.
  • Leverage and optimize your current resources to protect your legal health.
  • Better manage contractual obligations  with key vendors and customers.
  • Develop policies and procedures that will protect your intellectual assets and information and, hence,  your goodwill.
  • Streamline contractual processes so your right hand is in sync with your left, to avoid duplicative or opposing work.
  • Increase organizational efficiencies.
  • Make communicating with with your advisors and lawyers simpler.

At LegalTonic, we layer your educational process, with each TonicSM e-learning session building upon the last one. Our unique process allows you to combine, in real-time, your first hand, business knowledge with efficient LegalTonicSM risk management tools.  At the end of every Tonic course you walk away with:

  • A snapshot of your legal health, knowing your strengths and potential areas for improvement.
  • Strategies and tools to apply to the areas of your legal health you wish to bolster, and
  • Templates and guidelines for related policies, procedures, employee training, vendor management and/or contractual needs

Find the perfect Tonic for you!

Please Note:  LegalTonicSM services and method are not legal, regulatory or tax advice.  LegalTonic supplies e-learning to business owners, senior managers, freelancers and other entrepreneurs, to teach the understanding and general management of intellectual assets, confidential and personal information, contractual relationships, general corporate matters and related recordkeeping.  If you require legal, regulatory or tax advisement, please seek counsel from a professional, licensed in your jurisdiction.

Our Founder

Dauna Williams imageHello.

I’m Dauna Williams and LegalTonic represents a culmination of my life work.

A graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School, I have practiced intellectual property, technology, outsourcing, privacy, marketing/advertising, entertainment, new media and general corporate law for over 25 years. As in-house counsel, I have managed these legal practices and related global teams for corporations in the financial and insurance industries, namely Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and MetLife. In my down time, I am a writer, producer and director of independent film and theatre, often with a focus on interactive storytelling.

Although I have loved my corporate jobs, I possess the heart of an entrepreneur, and from time to time, I have interspersed my two decades on Wall Street with sabbaticals to explore my other passions in technology and the arts. During these intervals, I experienced first hand the life of an artist, entrepreneur and solo law practitioner (for free spirits have rent to pay like everyone else). It was during these periods that I saw similarities between my Wall Street clients’ legal needs and those of my fellow entrepreneurs. I began to cross-fertilize the fast-paced, corporate efficiencies I leveraged daily in my Fortune 100 gigs with the no-nonsense, shoe-string requirements of my start-up, freelance and not-for-profit clients. And here the LegalTonicSM method was born. The methodology of LegalTonic focuses on customizing, proactive, risk management techniques in order maintain legal health. Allowing my clients to focus on their strengths, we were able to interject simple processes that would bolster their ability to protect themselves from the unforeseen.

My experience includes being one of the producers for the Tony-nominated, Broadway production of The Scottsboro Boys. I am the producer and writer/lyricist of FamBam360, an interactive, musical comedy in development. During the dot com era, I founded Content360, an interactive media development company. I have sat on the advisory board for the FSO Knowledge Xchange (a global research and information hub providing insights to the banking, insurance, and capital markets industry), and served as Vice Chair of the ABA’s Committee on the Law of Commerce in Cyberspace’s Subcommittee on Electronic Financial Services. I have taught both Advanced Constitutional Law and Contract Drafting as an adjunct professor at New York Law School, copyright law seminars for artists for various NYC art institutions and speak frequently on the topics of intellectual property, technology and outsourcing at trade and industry events. I was a Warren Weaver Fellow with The Rockefeller Foundation, Co-Chair of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s Junior Fundraising Committee, and have sat on the NYC Mayor’s Committee on the Judiciary. I have served on several not-for-profit arts-related organizations including NYC-based Art in General, Art in Context Center for Communications, and Premieres (a musical theatre development foundation) where I am currently a board member.

Born and raised in Woodstock, NY, I am no longer a “local” but now a “weekender,” and even that, definitely not frequently enough.

Technology and how it impacts the changing face of human engagement with the law fascinates me. Through LegalTonic I get to do what I love best — bring peace of mind to those who truly keep the world spinning, business owners like you.