For Small Business Owners and Senior Managers


Can’t decide which Tonic to take?  Would you like to do an overall housekeeping?  Well, then Biz Booster Tonic is for you.  Get your house in order, with new Tonic e-learning sessions two times each week.  And with our enterprise pricing model, you may have more than one employee in any given session for one low price, so your leadership can train all at the same time.  In addition, to the five Tonics, IP Phobia, Vendor Voodoo, Blabbermouthitis and BYOD Disorder and Social Madness, we offer Biz Booster clients three additional sessions focused on how to integrate these five disciplines into one cohesive program.  Want more personalized customization?  Please contact us at LegalTonic for additional options.


Who should attend:
  • In-house counsel, compliance officers and legal assistants
  • Any of the recommended attendees for the four Tonics covered
  • Marketing professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Records management professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Privacy professionals
  • Any executive or senior personnel who is deemed to be the manager of your company’s overall compliance and legal concerns

Each Biz Booster consists of 16 sessions, 2 hours each session, plus three additional integration sessions combining to an additional 2 hours (18 hours in total).

Starting @ $2,750.00

(Please Note:  Enterprises are charged on sliding scale based upon the enterprise’s overall size. For example, an entity that employs 10 people will be charged less than an entity that employs 50.  Each enterprise fee grants multiple licenses.

Not-for-profit and educational organizations receive a 10% discount off enterprise pricing. For discount code, please contact LegalTonic.)

The options available for coordinating a Biz Booster Tonic for your organization will vary based upon your organizational needs.  Feel free to contact LegalTonic directly to coordinate details.