BYOD DisorderSM Tonic

For Small Business Owners and Senior Managers


Allowing personnel to “BYOD” or “bring your own device” is a reality for almost every small business owner.  (And it is so cheap!)  At a minimum, it is highly likely your employees, consultants and vendors are using their own personal or work cellphones as a part of their performing services for your business.  But with your permission (or at your request), they also may be using their own personal laptops, desktops, etc. to carry out functions that are core to your business requirements and success.  Your business information and records could be scattering about on devices that are not as “healthy” as your business network.  One misstep, and this inexpensive alternative can quickly escalate into cost, time and legal aggravation.

Let’s face it.   Bringing one’s own device to work is not going any where.  BYOD is a reality for any contemporary business.  However, BYOD Disorder does not need be.

By taking our BYOD Disorder Tonic, you devise protocols for turning potential disorder into order.   First, using LegalTonic’s proprietary assessment tool, you will determine where your BYOD situation needs additional framework.  Second, we cover how to develop a BYOD strategy to meet your business goals, while minimizing exposure.  We will discuss how best to convey this strategy to your team, for uniform implementation and management.

  • The proprietary LegalTonic Method for understanding your BYOD legal health contextualized for your business’ marketplace.
  • Law basics surrounding BYOD activities, leaving you with the ability to identify the different types of issues.
  • An analysis of the hot buttons of BYOD risk and exposure for small businesses today.
  • Guidelines for setting up a cost-efficient, BYOD legal risk management program.
  • Templates for policies, procedures and employee training guidelines.
  • Suggestions for BYOD contract language, to enable consistency in your negotiations with employees, consultants and vendors.
  • Live, interactive, e-learning environment, followed by live Q&A, with recordings and copies of presentations.
Who should attend:
  • In-house counsel and legal assistants
  • Any BYOD relationship evangelist in the organization
  • Privacy professionals
  • Intellectual property professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Any executive or senior personnel who is deemed to be the manager of your company’s BYOD policies

Each track is three sessions, 2 hours each session.

Starting at $565.00

(Please Note:  Enterprises are charged on sliding scale based upon the enterprise’s overall size. For example, an entity that employs 10 people will be charged less than an entity that employs 50.  Each enterprise fee grants multiple licenses.

Not-for-profit and educational organizations receive a 10% discount off enterprise pricing. For discount code, please contact LegalTonic.)