IP PhobiaSM Tonic

For Small Business Owners and Senior Managers


Protecting your intellectual property is important for the small business owner. The many aspects of how your business is valued are rooted in various areas of intellectual property law. Your products and/or services sell based upon many intangibles, such as your brand’s goodwill, the uniqueness of your products, or the quality of your service, all of which are protected under trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret laws.

Granted this area can be very detailed, and at times confusing – like, what is the difference between a patent and copyright, anyway?  Do I have to register my intellectual property in order to be protected?  What does a policing program look like?  Do I need to audit my customers use of my IP?  When do I need permission to use someone else’s material?  If your management of your intellectual assets becomes unfocussed, you risk diminishing, even losing, the legal protection behind the very things that distinguish you from your competitors.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you are using others’ protected materials without permission, their infringement claims can be costly to put right.  No wonder people shy away from managing intellectual property — it feels like a lot of work.

Throw those fears away!

In IP Phobia Tonic, we will start with the basics of what the different types of intellectual property are.  Next we move into how to create an intellectual asset protection and risk management program that you believe will work best for you.  We explore the risk hot buttons associated with intellectual property infringement claims and how to lessen your exposure.  Also, LegalTonic will teach you to analyze the intellectual property that is essential to your business, both as an IP owner and a licensee.  We will show you how to determine whether or not you are subject to being audited by vendors or competitors, and if yes, how to minimize any potential disruption.

  • The proprietary LegalTonic Method for understanding your intellectual property health contextualized for your business’ marketplace
  • Intellectual property law basics, leaving you with the ability to identify the different types of intellectual property
  • An analysis of the hot buttons of intellectual property risk and exposure for small businesses today
  • Guidelines for setting up a cost-efficient, intellectual property management program
  • Templates for policies, procedures and employee training guidelines
  • Suggestions for basic intellectual property contractual language, such as work-for-hire, releases.
  • Information for navigating US government filing sites for trademarks, copyrights and patent registrations and global Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy proceedings.
  • Live, interactive, e-learning environment, followed by live Q&A, with recordings and copies of presentations.
Who should attend:
  • In-house counsel and legal assistants
  • Any IP Evangelist in the organization
  • Branding professionals
  • Product development professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Any executive or senior personnel who is deemed to be the executive decision maker over your business’s intellectual assets, their deployment and protection

Each track is four sessions, 2 hours each session.

Starting at $750.00

(Please Note:  Enterprises are charged on sliding scale based upon the enterprise’s overall size. For example, an entity that employs 10 people will be charged less than an entity that employs 50.  Each enterprise fee grants multiple licenses.

Not-for-profit and educational organizations receive a 10% discount off enterprise pricing. For discount code, please contact LegalTonic.)