Vendor VoodooSM Tonic

For SMEs, other Small Business Owners and Senior Managers.



Contracts!  They connect you to the rest of your business universe.  And if you are like most, you are signing “this” and clicking “that,” to get the service and products you need to deliver what is most important to you, satisfaction for your customers.  Time is money. Who’s got time to negotiate every little comma?  For many, who really has the leverage?  And let’s not even begin to think about what your people may be signing or “clicking” away on your behalf.  In the end, all of these legal obligations committed to by your staff for your business are yours to fulfill.

In this age of online convenience and click-wrap, at times essential contract negotiation has gone by the wayside.   We have become complacent in how we enter into relationships with others and get the basic protections we need.  Granted online acceptance of legal terms and conditions has significantly lowered barriers to entry and increased speed to market – both good things.  This way of doing business is a modern reality and has it strengths.  At LegalTonic, we are not advocating that it be changed.  But you need to be smart in how you navigate your business through this relatively new mode of contracting with third-parties.  In the end, your duty is to your customers, employees and investors, and your vendors’ contractual desires must be in balance with such concerns. But entering into core contracts without a tactical overlay, or without any negotiation,  as a business practice adds up, and, in essence, puts your business concerns behind those of your vendors.

In Vendor Voodoo, we show you how to put an end to the smoke and mirrors! We explore other options to online click agreements, and tactically when it makes sense to ask for more from the vendors who support your business. Second, we cover how to best tailor your vendor contract strategy to your business model and goals.  We will discuss how to convey this strategy to your team, for uniform implementation and management.

In Vendor Voodoo, together we discuss the risk hot buttons associated with third party agreements and ways to manage your exposure with privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property licensing and audit controls, sell-side obligations and other forms of liability with vendors and other key partners.

Last, we will work on how you can establish a cost-efficient contract management program that addresses your legal risk exposure, based upon your business’s criteria.  Such a program will assist in managing consistency in how your third party contracts are negotiated, tracked and managed. 

  • The proprietary LegalTonic Method for understanding your vendor contract health contextualized for your business’ marketplace
  • Contractual law basics, leaving you with the ability to identify the different types of contractual issues.
  • An analysis of the hot buttons of vendor contractual risk and exposure for small businesses today
  • Guidelines for setting up a cost-efficient, vendor contract legal risk management program
  • Templates for policies, procedures and employee training guidelines
  • Suggestions for vendor negotiation guidelines, to enable consistency in your negotiations and more.
  • Live, interactive, e-learning environment, followed by live Q&A, with recordings and copies of presentations. 
Who should attend:
  • In-house counsel, compliance and legal assistants
  • Any vendor relationship evangelist in the organization
  • IT professionals
  • Procurement professionals
  • Any executive or senior personnel who is deemed to be the manager of your company’s vendor relationships, their deployment and protection

Each track has four sessions, 2 hours each session.

Starting at $750.00

(Please Note:  Enterprises are charged on sliding scale based upon the enterprise’s overall size. For example, an entity that employs 10 people will be charged less than an entity that employs 50.  Each enterprise fee grants multiple licenses.

Not-for-profit and educational organizations receive a 10% discount off enterprise pricing. For discount code, please contact LegalTonic.)