Social MadnessSM Tonic

For Small Business Owners, Senior Managers, Freelancers, New Business Owners.

Welcome Social Networkers!

Social media, ya gotta “like” it.

But in business, it comes with additional responsibilities for the owner, their staff and vendors.  Social media, by its name alone, shows why it is important.  It is a product of personal engagement on a global level, where everyone has a say and everyone matters.  But for the business owner, social networking contains unexpected and potential legal exposure.  And although it may feel counter-intuitive, a business can’t engage in social media under the same rules as an individual.  This lesson must be embraced throughout your entire organization, or missteps may follow.

Take a dose of Social Madness Tonic and bring some sanity to the social networking side of your business marketing strategy.

In Social Madness Tonic, we discuss the sensitive areas for businesses and how through certain policies and procedures, you are able to set a framework for effectively managing these concerns.

  • The proprietary LegalTonic Method for understanding your social media legal health contextualized for your business’ marketplace
  • An analysis of the hot buttons of social media riskand exposure for small businesses today
  • Guidelines for setting up a cost-efficient, social media legal risk program
  • Templates for policies, procedures and employee training guidelines
  • Live, interactive, e-learning environment, followed by live Q&A, with recordings and copies of presentations.
Who should attend:
  • Those starting a business
  • Freelancers
  • In-house counsel and legal assistants
  • Any social media, marketing or advertising evangelist in the organization
  • Marketing, advertising or social media professionals
  • Human resource professionals
  • Any executive or senior personnel who is deemed to be the manager of your company’s social media activities and/or relationships, their deployment and protection

Each track consists of one session, 2 hours each session.