Freelancer FatigueSM Tonic

Welcome Freelancers!

You are a one-person shop.  You may hire the occasional assistant or crowdsource certain functions, but basically you do everything yourself.  The product you sell or the service you offer is heavily laden with your creativity.  Your work hours are all over the place.  Some months you feast on your earnings, many others can be closer to famine.  You are your own safety net.  You have a right to be tired!  And for these  reasons, your legal health is paramount, for truly your buffer zone is narrow.

In Freelancer Fatigue we look at legal risk management from your perspective.  Each week we break down another area important to a freelancer’s legal health.  Once analyzed, we then discuss various protective elements you can select to bolster your business against unwanted legal exposure.

Areas covered:
Intellectual Property

Get a full grasp of the roster of the intellectual capital that you may own.  Determine if your current business practices are properly protecting your intellectual property and work to optimize your IP and brand recognition to increase your business’s goodwill.  Learn the impact of licensing verses assigning your intellectual property and how to determine what is best for you.  We will cover audit and other policing programs.   The goal of this section is give you tools to identify and then optimize your intellectual capital.


We examine the basic library of contract templates all freelancers should have at their disposal.  DIY online legal services will be covered, with tips on how to navigate them alone and when to bring in professional counsel.


We discuss the best ways to manage the legal risk associated with your own and others confidential and personal information requirements.  We cover the basic obligations of a business owner relating to staff and customer personal information and confidentiality obligations common to vendor and partner relationships.


Your equipment and files carry with them a lot of information about your clients, and perhaps their personnel and customers.  BYOD is central to many freelancers livelihood.  In Freelancer Fatigue we explore how best to limit your exposure when holding such third-party information.

Foundational Concerns

Here we give you tools to analyze your current legal structure, support team, electronic storage choices and the approach you have taken to your business.  With this ability you will be able to better determine where you may have gaps and how to remedy them, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • The proprietary LegalTonic Method for understanding your legal health contextualized for your business’ marketplace.
  • Law basics surrounding the above activities, leaving you with the ability to identify the different types of issues.
  • An analysis of the hot buttons of legal risk and exposure for the freelancer today.
  • Guidelines for setting up a cost-efficient, legal risk management program, built with the freelancer in mind.
  • Templates for policies, procedures and staff training guidelines.
  • Suggestions for contract language, to enable consistency in your negotiations clients.
  • Live, interactive, e-learning environment, followed by live Q&A, with recordings and copies of presentations.

Each track is six sessions, 2 hours each session.