Let’s get healthy.

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Here I embark upon the next stage of LegalTonic — its blog — the home of ramblings, rants and hopefully helpful information regarding the management of your legal health.

Yes, legal health, a topic few discuss, and even fewer think about.

But just as with your physical health, with your business’ legal health there is an inverse correlation between the quality of your preventive legal care to your exposure to risk.

Proactively protecting the legal health of your business may sound unnecessary. Let’s face it, “l*gal happens.” Right or wrong, people are going sue you. Vendors and government agencies are going to audit you. You can’t stop these things. So why expend resources now for something that is basically inevitable?

Well, the one thing that I have seen consistently over my 25+ years as a lawyer to large Wall Street enterprises, tech startups and small enterprises: time invested now in legal health is money saved later.

An educated and proactive business owner or manager, with employees trained in how to maintain legal health, has always spent less time with and money on attorneys. And when they do require a lawyer, for instance, when being sued or audited, such business’s interactions with counsel are always much more productive and time better spent. When your legal health is in order, your lawyer and you can immediately work to solve the unexpected problem facing you, as opposed to first cleaning up bad corporate behaviors that even may have fostered the lawsuit or audit in the first place.

I love this stuff. I love seeing business owners benefit from working smarter. And that is why I built LegalTonic.

Come check us out.

Let’s get healthy.